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3 Tips To Remove Cradle Cap

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

1. Wash Baby's Hair

Washing your baby's hair will help remove flakes & build up. It will also help the scalp to stay clean. You should wash you're baby's hair about twice a week especially if dealing with severe cradle cap.

2.Brush Baby's Hair

Gently brushing your baby's scalp will help get rid of the flaky residue. Brushing in circular motion will help remove some of the flakes and it will also help with over all scalp circulation and scalp health. Here is a youtube video that I made with my baby to help get rid of her cradle cap.

3. Oil Baby's Scalp

One of the most important tips that I will mention to you, is to make sure you oil your baby's scalp. Georgia rose hair care designed a oil made of pure olive oil that was created to help prevent cradle cap. Georgia's hair care oil helps softens the scales on the scalp, hydrates, and promotes hair growth.

Be sure to watch the youtube video above on how to remove cradle cap!

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