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Behind The Fro In The Kids Modeling Industry!

As a five-year-old African American model in the kids' modeling industry, hair is a serious matter.

You see, my mom happens to be a talented hair stylist, so she always preps my hair before I step on set.

Sometimes, it can be intimidating for hair stylists who aren't familiar with natural hair to work with my curly hair. They may not know which products to use or how to style my hair to enhance its natural curls.

This can be quite scary for my mom too.

Fortunately, having my mom on set is a blessing for both the stylists and me. She discreetly offers them a few products and assists them without getting in the way.

Many times, the stylists are excited to learn about the products and how they moisturize and define my curls.

You see, there's always room for learning and growth! Although the modeling industry has made progress in embracing afro and textured hair, there is still more work to be done.

Well, it was great chatting with you, but I have to go now. Talk to you later!


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